Guar Gum Product

Guar Gum

Guar Gum Powder is extracted from the Guar Seed after a multistage industrial process. The most important property of Guar Gum is its ability to hydrate rapidly in cold water to attain uniform and very high viscosity at relatively low concentrations. Its colloidal nature gives excellent thickening to the solution.
Guar Gum, either modified or unmodified is a very versatile and efficient natural polymer covering a number of applications in various industries like food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, paper, textile, construction, oil & gas well drilling, mining etc, due to its cost effective emulsifying and thickening properties.
Neelkanth Polymers produces High Viscosity Guar Refined Splits, Guar Gum Powder, Guar Gum Derivatives, Fast Hydrating Guar Gum, H.P. Guar and High Protein Guar Meal.

List Of Products

ACRYSOL-140 Aerosil/cabosil(Imported &Indian) ALOVERA JUICE

Aluminum Hydroxide Gel Ammonium Chloride Ascrobic Acid

Aspartame USP Ayurvedice Extracts Bees Wax

Benzoic Acid BHA/BHT Black phenyal

Borex Boric Acid Bromohexine HCL I.P.

Bronopal C.A.P. C.M.C. Sodium (DVPS/HVPS)

Calcium Carbonate Oyester Shell Calcium Carbonate PP/Activated Calcium Chloride

Calcium Gluconate Calcium Lactate Calcium Proprinate

Calcium-D-Panthanat Carbonic Acid Carbonil Iron

Carbopol 934/940 Carnoba Wax Black/White Caustic Soda

Cellulose Acetate Pthalate Cetrazine Cetrimide IP

Cetyl Alcohal Chemfer/Kapoor Chloro Farm

Chlorohexidine Guluconets Choline Chloride Citric Acid(Momo/Anhydrous)

CMC Sodium All Grades Cocoa Powder CPM

Creatine Monohydrate Caster Oil Cross Proviedon

Crosscarimellose Sodium USP Cyproheptadine Dextrin Powder (White/Yellow)

Di-Calcium Phosphate Di-Sodium Hydrogen Citrate IP Drinking/Covering Chocolate

D-Panthanol E.D.T.A. Di-Sodium IP/Tech. E.G.M.S

Emulsifine Wax Extract(Ayurvedic) Essential Oils

Ethyl Cellulose Ferric Ammonium Citrate IP Ferrous Ascorbate

Ferrous Sulphate Filmcoating Materials Filter Cloths/Paid

Finayl Compounds Flavours-Liquid & Dry Powders Folic Acid

Food Colours & Lake Colours Fungal Diastase G.G. Ether

G.M.S. Gamaebnzoine Hexa Chloride Gam akasiya

Gelatin (All Grades) Golden Shalac Guargum (All Grades)

Gum Past PP/G.B. Glycrine (IP/Usp) HPMC (All Grades)

Hydrogen Peroxide Hy-flow Supercell Herbel Juices

Harbel Extract Iso Propyl Alcohol Iron Chloine Citrate

Iron Poly Maltose com. 34% Kadpol 940 Laboratory (ChemicaL & GlassWares

Lactic Acid Bacillus Lactose Lanoline Wax

Liquid Caramal Liquid Glucose Liquid Protine

Liquid Soap L-Lysine Mono /HCL Liquid Parafin(Light/Havy

L-Methyl Folate Micro Crystlline Cellulose Powder M.D.C.

Magnesium Carbonate Magnesium Chloride Magnesium Hydroxide

Magnesium Oxide Magnesium Sterate T/IP Magnesium Sulphate

Magnesium Tri Silicate IP Malt Extract (Liqued/Powder) Menthol Crystal/ Oil

Methenol Methyal Salisylate(MS) Methyl Cobalamin

Magnise Sulphate Methyl Poly Siloxane (MPS) Micro Crystalline Wax

Milk Powder Niacinamide Nipasol(Sodium Propyl Paraben)

Nipazine(Sodium Methyl Paraben) Neomycin Sulphate Oils (All Type)

P V P K -30 Proplene Glycole (P.G.) Usp Papain/IP

Parabens (Methy/Propyal) Parafin Liquid (Heavy/Light) PEG (400/4000/6000)

Paracitomal IP Petrolium Jelly Potessium Lodide

Potessium Sorbate Protein Hydroslate Liquid 20% Protein Hydroslate Powder 80%

Protein Isolate Soya & Casinr60% Purfume Compounds (All Types) S.L.E.S.

S.L.S. Powder Sodium Starch Glycolate IP Salisalic Acid

Silica Gel Silver Sulfadizine Simethycon/100%

Sodium Alzinet Sodium Benzoate(Navichem) Sodium Benzoate(genesh/navichem)

Sodium Bi Sulphate Sodium Sachhrine Sodium Sulphate

Sorbic Acid Sorbitol 70% Soya Lacethine

Soya Protine Stable Beaching Powder Starch (riddi Siddi/siddhi Vinyak/Tirupati)

Steric Acid (Flakes&Beat) Telcom Powder Thaymol

Titanium Dioxide Tri Calcium Phoshate Triethanolamine

Tween-80 Vitamins(All) Whey Protein

Xanthan Gum Zinc OXide Zinc Sulphate(Hepta/Mono)

Our Products

  • Flavours, Fragrances, Essential Oils
  • Extract(herbal/aurvadic)
  • Film Coating Colours
  • Carbonyl Iron
  • CMC All Grades
  • Aluminium Hydroxide Gel
  • Hyflosuper Cell
  • Guar Gum
  • Resins and Disintegrating Agent
  • PPT. Calcium Carbonate
  • Corbomes
  • Emulusifine Wax

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